Residential Engineering

Residential Hydraulic & Structural Engineers for DA Approvals in Sydney, Newcastle & Central Coast

When you need an Engineering Report for your residential Development Application for Gosford, Wyong, Newcastle or Sydney metro councils, please contact RGH Consulting. Our hydraulic and structural engineers are experts at designing solutions that satisfy DA requirements. We realise that you are eager to progress with your new residential building project and we can even liaise with council on your behalf, which can speed up the process.

Whether it's a new house, extension, swimming pool or retaining wall, our structural and hydraulic engineers will explain everything in laymen's terms so that you understand what needs to be done and why. We can also liaise with your architect or builder to communicate engineering design requirements and thereby avoid misunderstandings that can cause delays and increase costs. Our clients find that we save them time and money during the DA process and construction project.

You may be aware that Sydney, Newcastle, Gosford and Wyong councils are increasingly focused on environmentally sensitive stormwater and flood management plans in residential Development Applications. In particular, water run-off that may have been previously acceptable will now have to be rectified for new works to be approved. Don't worry our specialist hydraulic engineers will design solutions to keep your DA progressing smoothly. We are also accredited certifiers for stormwater management and hydraulics.

Engineering Reports for:

  • House DA
  • Addition DA
  • Extension DA
  • Swimming pool DA
  • Retaining wall DA
  • Small unit development DA

At RGH Consulting, we pride ourselves on being easy to contact and deal with. Please telephone our Newcastle or Central Coast engineers and let us help you through the Development Application process.