Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a key part of our built environment as well as our heritage. Sydney roads, Newcastle bridges, Central Coast buildings, to mention just a fewnone of these are possible without a civil engineer. RGH Consulting is called upon to design the engineering details that make these large projects successful, but we never lose sight of the fact that our designs will be part of the infrastructure and landscape for many years to come.

Our civil engineering team are always focused on your objectives and we engage in rigorous analysis to ensure those objectives are met. Whether you need a civil engineer for commercial, industrial or residential projects, RGH Consulting will ensure a smooth delivery from design through to construction, limiting delays at every stage.

We provide a total engineering project management solution.

RGH Consulting can also prepare the vital Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for any Sydney, Central Coast or Newcastle civil engineering projects that require an environmental assessment under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Special Areas of Expertise:

  • Road design including RMS projects (previously RTA)
  • Stormwater design
  • Municipal stormwater design
  • Flood studies
  • Water sensitive design
  • Onsite detention
  • Subdivision
  • Sewer and water authority projects
  • Earthworks
  • Rainwater re-use
  • Car parks
  • Review of environmental factors (REF)
Please contact our team at RGH Consulting at any time to discuss your civil engineering requirements.